Early in the morning

Early in the morning
di Manuela Metra.

Early in the morning, It’s my time. With its ritual. Coffee, silence. At home there is no yet anyone awake, I set the alarm clock 10 minutes earlier than the others on purpose to have this moment poised between two worlds, in a state of auroral consciousness, I take my coffee, look at the sky, listening to the noises of the day that’s going to arrive. I just feel myself, the blend of my ideas, a flutter of inspiration. What will I do today….? And then the pace quickens, but that time will be my compass throughout the day.

La mattina presto, è il mio momento. Con il suo rituale. Il caffè, il silenzio. In casa non c’è ancora nessuno sveglio, ho puntato la sveglia 10 minuti prima degli altri apposta per avere questo attimo in bilico tra due mondi, in uno stato di coscienza aurorale, prendo il mio caffè, guardo il cielo, ascolto i rumori del giorno che sta per arrivare. Sento solo me stessa, il frullare delle mie idee, uno svolazzare di ispirazione. Cosa farò oggi…? E poi il ritmo accelera ma quel momento sarà la mia bussola per tutto il giorno.


I am an Artist, located in Italy, the country of Art and Dolce Vita, I am specialized in art laboratories: ceramic and painting, helping people to meet the creative side of life, and helping creative entrepreneurs and companies with branding through my artworks with a dash of clean style to capture the harmony of life. I also work in Hospitals with ceramic therapy laboratory for children. This blog is my Artistic Salad, filled with creativity, beauty, joie de vivre, passion and tools for creative minds.

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