My Artistic salad: tailored Art Services for Business

Branding spaces through my Wabi Sabi Ceramics and Fine art photography
Clay Art laboratories: for children and teens

Clay Esperiential workshop for the Company
Clay Therapy

Pricing on demand, focused on project.

My philosophy:

I think that creativity is the most important side of life either in personal life either in professional life. To nurture creativity is part of a live in balance, a life filled with joy.

Art for Business: tailored Art Services for companies, hospitals and creative entrepreneurs

Atelier Alice in Wonderland focuses on business its professional art services. From the heart of the Atelier “Art for Business” a number of services that collect this suggestion and want to tell the human dimension, attention to emotions, knowing how to decipher, to use , to narrate , to translate. The hearing is the center, the heart, brought on a professional level as a standard. More than twenty years of experience and the deep attention to the individual make the difference: every purpose is tailored and unique.

The How: Anthroposophical art Process and art therapy

The anthroposophic artistic process is based on R. Steiner’s anthropology. Everything that is alive is in a process of becoming. The individual, the space in which he acts, and the time form something unique; this unique imprint can be traced in “how”, in the qualities of human action. Job reading is based on the ability to read these qualities within artistic work. The artistic process restarts, removes obstacles and brings awareness, using only the elements of artistic practice, surface, line, gesture, color, shape etc.